The Corner Pub – Decatur, GA

I love The Corner Pub. Being a vegetarian can be challenging at times, and I appreciate a good pub that offers more than a vegetable plate or a salad. A SALAD IS NOT A MEAL. The Square Pub has a veggie Cuban, but that’s just a side item. The real main dish, as we know, is the fries. The Square Pub’s fries are fantastic. The fries taste like fries, meaning that they don’t taste like they’ve been fried in with everything else, like chicken. The oil tastes like oil, and it never tastes like it hasn’t been changed in a month.

The outside of the fries are crisp, and the inside is moist and almost creamy. There is a light dusting of regular salt, so all you taste is fries at their most basic, and at their best. You may not be able to tell from the photo below, but there isn’t a bad fry on that plate.


The fry below was the holy grail. It was crisp, and it was translucent with oil. An extra dusting of salt, a light dip in ketchup, and I was in fry heaven.